Shel and I agree

When the cover of Wired says “Get Naked … and Rule the World” we have to agree.

Get Naked Conversations on Amazon.

It’s amazing to both of us that the book has consistently been in the top 5,000 books on Amazon for months ever since it first came out last January (out of millions of books).

Thank you to everyone who bought a copy.


Glenn Reynolds saw a Saturn Aura…

One of the top political bloggers, Glenn Reynolds, says he was impressed by seeing a Saturn Aura.

I have one, and it’s a great car. I love mine. I even choose to drive it over Maryam’s new BMW quite a bit, which is a testament to how good a car it is (it’s a better freeway car than the BMW and the back seat has a LOT more room). Today, though, I picked the BMW cause it’s more fun to drive on a sunny Saturday on Half Moon Bay’s curvy roads.

Funny story? The parking attendant at San Francisco’s Mark Hopkins hotel told me he thought it looked “hot.” No, not stolen. But, that was a great compliment coming from him cause he sees tons of Mercedes and BMWs every day (that’s one of the most expensive hotels in SF).

That said, there are some things that aren’t well thought out. The trunk lid, for instance, could use a grip for your hand. The BMW’s cruise control is FAR superior, too (it’s a lot more responsive than the Saturn). Also, the BMW’s headlights and corner handling are far superior (the BMW’s lights actually turn which makes them much more effective on the curvy road I drive into work).

But, when you consider the BMW costs us $800 a month and the Saturn is $400, this is an awesome car. Now we’ll have to see if it can get a decent quality rating in Consumer Reports. So far I haven’t had a single defect and I’ve put 3,500 miles on mine so far.