What does Rocketboom’s founder use?

Fun little interview at SXSW with Andy Baron, founder of Rocketboom, and Erica O’Grady, keeper of the blog “Reinventing Erica.” We talk about things they use on their computers. Both of them agree on 30 Boxes for calendaring. Erica talks about Upcoming.org — cool events site. Erica gives us a demo of 30Boxes and IMified, among other things, including a Getting Things Done Firefox Extension. First we talk about BarCamp and other stuff, though.

This was part of the Vloggies Show, which has a ton of cool video bloggers. Irina really kicked butt at SXSW to get some of the best Internet video personalities (many of whom work for PodTech competitors, by the way, just like Andy and the Ask a Ninja folks).

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