All for four notes in Windows Vista

Ahh, the forgotten Robert Fripp recording is now up on Channel 9. It wasn’t forgotten. Just sort of lost. Marketing wanted it held until after Vista shipped. And my messy tape organizing kept it almost lost for months. But they found a recording. It’s one of the few recordings of Robert Fripp, guitarist, that exist (he doesn’t like to be filmed).

Interesting look into the creative process that led to the development of four notes that play when you start up Windows Vista.

I love this video. I could listen to Robert Fripp work for hours. I’m so honored that I got to sit on the floor at his feet and record him. Thanks to Steve Ball for inviting me over (he’s the guy you see in parts of the video). There was a small audience (about 10 people, if I remember right) so this is pretty historic video.

He plays music for quite a while on this video, so you can watch the creative process that went into the recording part of finding the four tones, then we go backstage for an interview with him and other Microsofties who were involved.