1004 following me to SXSW

Aaarrgghhh, I left my cell phone at home by accident. Maryam is mad cause she can’t call me (neither can you, sorry). But there’s always Twitter. Here at SJC (we’re in the airport on the “nerd bird” as Irina Slutsky calls it) there’s geeks sitting on the floor Twittering each other. The Google Blogger team is here too (just saw Eric Case in line). Ahh, it’s going to be fun.

Oh, just got a new Photowalking up (this time another part of Stanford Linear Accelerator — tour guide is Bebo White, one of the team that built the first US Web site). Just visit ScobleShow to find the two videos. It already got Slashdotted.

Anyway, in just the past few days hundreds have joined Twitter and I now have 1004 followers. You can follow TwitterClub, ScobleStyle on my “with friends” page.

See ya Wednesday. In the meantime you can watch my Twitter account.