What a lens!

We had a great day on the photowalk today. About 15 people showed up. Got some fun surfing photos, plus others.

Thomas started shooting before 6 a.m. and we stayed at it until 3 p.m.

I figure 50 gigs of photos were taken, I can tell everyone is working on processing their stuff cause the Flickr stream for Photowalking8 is seeing a bunch of additions in the past few minutes and Thomas Hawk hasn’t gotten much of his stuff up yet.

Tomorrow I’ll try to link to the best.

UPDATE: Thomas Hawk is uploading his photos to his Zooomr account here.

Oh, and Thomas let me use his camera to take a few shots. Here’s one, titled “fatherhood” that I shot that’s already gotten a few favorites. It’s a real thrill to see a photo of mine among Thomas’ photos.


The real reason the news business is in trouble…

Too many Americans would rather watch Paris Hilton or learn about Anna Nicole Smith.

How do I know that? Cause there is a reason why CNN and Fox kept playing AnnaNews all day long a few weeks back. They do focus groups. They know what people are watching and just how much of something they are watching.

All the discussion today about whether newspapers are dead or aren’t won’t solve that one.

Today’s top headline in the local paper? Above everything else? Foodblogging.

Is that REALLY the most important thing in the world today? Hell, I’m a blog evangelist and even I don’t think that if you really pressed me on it.