YouTube copies Vloggies

Ahh, YouTube is coming late to the video awards show game. Mashable is saying that tomorrow YouTube will announce its own online video contest. Destined to be very popular, I’m sure.

Glad to see we’re six months ahead of YouTube (not that it’ll matter much, YouTube has considerable brand and coolness factor going for it) but we have the Vloggies Show.

Just last week we put up a ton of interviews with online video producers. Here’s what you’ll find on the VloggiesShow blog — interviews with:

  1. Adam Zbar of Zannel, large-scale viral media network.
  2. Steffan Ray, communication director of Austin’s public access TV station.
  3. Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine, creator of Ask a Ninja.
  4. Andrew Baron of Rocketboom.
  5. Susan Kirkpatrick, founder of KityKity.
  6. Reverend BIlly of the Church of Stop Shopping.
  7. Colin Devroe, of Viddler, a service that lets you post much higher quality video than YouTube.
  8. Bonny Pierzina, who runs a satirical news show.
  9. Nontourage, who does a hit webisode series “Almost There.”

Thanks to Seagate for sponsoring both the VloggiesShow as well as ScobleShow. I greatly appreciate Seagate’s backing of up-and-coming video talent.

Seriously, it’s great that there’s more places to find great video. I’m looking forward to the YouTube awards.