37 Signals’ new CRM software gets noticed

Tonight I told Twitter followers to “call me” while I drove home from Petaluma to Half Moon Bay. I got about 20 calls in about an hour. One caller told me about 37 Signals new CRM software, called Highrise. Told me it was the most useful business software he’d gotten in years. I’m starting to use it, very nice user experience on first glance. Of course, that’s what I’ve come to expect from 37 Signals (we use their other software at PodTech.net).


Neat interview with Google’s CEO

Julio Vasconcellos is one of those smart kids who are at Stanford now trying to learn how the world works and how to build interesting things/companies/experiences. Today he posted an interview with Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, great interview. He was asked about Google’s huge market share and whether Eric expects to get into DOJ trouble because of that, Intel’s founder asked him about Google’s chaotic structure, he talked about Ray Ozzie’s point that Microsoft’s data center building being a competitive advantage. I learned a lot from this interview, I’m sure Google’s competitors will tear this one apart.

Tudors is getting tons of traffic on MeeVee

I’m here with Michael Raneri, CEO of MeeVee (an online video guide) and he was showing me that its network is getting slammed by people watching the first episode of the Tudors (which will come out on Showtime). The first episode is up on MeeVee two weeks before it’ll be on TV (it was just put up a few minutes ago). This is a new way TV networks are promoting new shows. Turns out that because of Tivo networks are having a tough time getting people to watch new shows (they don’t see the ads for the new shows) so they are doing “pre-launches” on the Internet on sites like MeeVee.