Joost’ing on Friday night

OK, OK, I cry “uncle.” My readers tell me that Joost is the hottest thing since sliced bread and that I should give it some more time. So, tonight, I am playing with it a bit more. I still hate the UI. My son loves it. I’m just too old, I guess.

But the quality — when you’re on a decent connection — is pretty good. I watched a surfing video and “Beautiful Lie.” Nice. Except there was an ad in the middle of the movie. That really threw me. I don’t know why. Maybe it was due to the delay. It was almost like the network was down for a few microseconds there, then an ad came on. It was very jarring and then I realized why: on network TV they prepare you for the ads. They pick a good place in the dialog to “hook you” into sticking around through the ad. Then they fade out, with a network identifier.

Anyway, the success of Joost is out of my hands. It’s clearly popular. It’s clearly going to have tons of interesting content on it. The UI is funky style, and once you learn your way around it’s not too bad. I’m old, remember.

Joost away! Oh, and don’t bother me for invites. I have 734 emails ahead of you even if I had two to give away.