It’s SXSW week

All the rich people are off at TED this week, but all the cool geeks are really going to SXSW. If you’re really rich and a cool geek (some are so lucky!) then you’re probably flying your jet from TED to Austin on Saturday or Sunday and hanging out. I’m not cool or rich, but I’m going to SXSW anyway cause they put up with me there and don’t charge me $6,000.

But, what this means is I’m just snowed under with tons of ScobleShow videos, emails, BBQ’s to plan, and all that.

So, I’m just gonna shut down the blog until next Wednesday.

Don’t fret, there’s still plenty of Scoble all over the place. My video blog is active (new Photowalking session at SLAC coming soon, plus interview with Sharpcast). My link blog is up to date and I’ll keep posting the best stuff every day there. My Twitter page is hyper active (whew, what a firehose!)

Anyway, if you’re coming to SXSW, say hi — I’ll be in Austin Friday night through Tuesday night. I’ll be at Salt Lick on Monday night eating BBQ. Wanna go? Drop me email at

My cell phone is 425-205-1921.

I love getting invites to the best parties. 🙂 In the meantime, see ya next Wednesday.

Book publisher asks about Microsoft

Joe Wikert, who works at Wiley (he’s an executive there) which is one of the world’s oldest (and biggest) book publishing companies asks some harsh questions about Microsoft’s search strategy.

In response to one of the questions, I answer that one reason that Microsoft talks about products before they are ready to ship is because we are continuing to ask Microsoft what is it doing in the Internet space. Ray Ozzie is smart to ignore us noisy bloggers and keep quiet until he and his team actually have shipping code.

Microsoft needs less talk and more action.

But, seriously, I’m hearing from all sorts of MSFTies that there are tons of reorgs going on and lots of blockages to shipping stuff. When I met with the six heads of Microsoft’s research labs around the world yesterday my first question was how they were going to ship the cool things they showed us yesterday (and there were some really cool demos and prototypes, more when I get my videos up, or read my link blog for some of the best coverage).