The hype about that micro blogging service

Maryam said if I ever mention ______ again in her presence she’d kill me, so I won’t. But what have I learned from watching 1,000 people talking with me?

That that isn’t the point.

I’m fascinated that so many people hate the service that won’t be named. They contribute more to the hype than anything else. After all, the human brain is pretty good at routing around bulls**t, but not around criticism.

Criticism catches our attention, makes us pay attention.

I think that if marketers were smart they wouldn’t be doing “pay per post” but, rather, they’d do “pay to hate” services.

Hey, that gives me an idea, I’ll write a ______ post linking to the first three people who write on their blogs that my videos suck. Just post your URLs here in the comments. 🙂