Smilebox makes me smile

Look at the visuals inside Smilebox. Look at the fact that it’s one of a very few companies who’ve introduced me to its development team (pair programming, even!)

I love a company that puts its developers right in the middle of its office. That tells me it’s a different kind of company right off the bat.

But, there’s a lot more to this company that lets you build cool online greeting-card-like stories with video, photos, and lots of other goodies.

Looking at the walls you can tell that this company cares deeply about experiences.

In Kathy Sierra speak: Smilebox makes me smile. I felt happy while doing this interview and could tell just by looking around that this company was working on experience and on having fun.

Three videos:

1) A edited, short video combining the best of the demo and interview (I’ve embedded that video in my blog below). It’s five minutes long.
2) The full demo with Andrew Wright, CEO.
3) The full interview and tour (meet the developers!)

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