Newspapers are dead…

On November 18, 2005, I told San Jose State’s Journalism school that my son would never subscribe to, nor read, a newspaper.

I thoroughly believe that. I’ve seen the future of newspapers (and really all printed content) and it isn’t print. Let’s talk more this summer after I can show it  to you.

I told the faculty there that deep changes must be made. They haven’t yet listened (although they added one podcasting class that is pretty popular now).

Today I read all over the blogs (thanks Tim O’Reilly and Dave Winer) that the San Francisco Chronicle is rumored to be in deep financial pain.

The industry has NOT invested in its future. It is reaping the rewards of that.

How many future journalists are being trained for the online world?

I can tell you how many: zero.

When I talked with students back then about half thought they were going to work in newspapers.

I told them they were smoking crack.

The journalism industry needs to implement major, wholesale, changes. Start by reading Dave Winer’s suggestions.

What would you do if you ran a journalism school? Or, were an executive at a newspaper?

Both Bay Area major newspapers have been laying journalists off in droves. It’s so sad, but it was something that we could see coming for quite a while. The trend will continue.


Does Twitter make you a better blogger?

I don’t know, but I’m having fun with it. I find that if I have something stupid to say I just say it on Twitter. But, I’m also finding it’s an awesome way to compare notes with other people, particularly at conferences. It’s also a great way to tell everyone about a cool new site, or a new idea, and get quick feedback.

I’m far more likely to spit out a little thought over there, than on my blog here. Which, probably, makes my blog here better too.