Announcing Vloggies Show at SXSW

Irina Slutsky has been working on something fun: The Vloggies Show. This will highlight the interesting video from around the Internet that’s being generated. No, not my show. There’s more to Internet video than videos of geeks. Vloggies is the contest/awards show we ran last fall to highlight best video on the Net.

Anyway, at SXSW we’re hosting a booth (Seagate is sponsoring) and we’d love to see you there.

Oh, and we’re hosting an online video contest at SXSW — about SXSW. Your video of the coolest stuff at SXSW will win..

Irina has the details on all this stuff. Can’t wait to hang out at SXSW (I’ll be doing both stuff for Irina there — hosting a few panels — along with some ScobleShow stuff).

Thank you Seagate for sponsoring ScobleShow and other PodTech initiatives. I couldn’t travel all over the world and get the video I’m doing without Seagate.