Someone stole Chris Pirillo’s secret

Hmmm, Chris Pirillo (founder of Lockergnome and Gnomedex conferences) has been in a bitter, dour, mood lately. A major deal he was working on blew up. We don’t know what happened and he’s not allowed to tell anyone due to lawyers involved (anytime you have to tell your friends lawyers are involved while also being unable to share any of the details you know it’s gotta be bad).

My advice that I gave Chris (I’m best man in his wedding): Follow Munjal Shah. Same thing happened to him — Google decided not to buy his company at the last minute (and, unlike what Valleywag reported it wasn’t my fault, but no use trying to argue about that here and now).

What did Munjal do? Dusted himself off and came out with the best new product of the week (which is saying something because 200 companies competed to be one of 13 on stage yesterday at the Web 2 Summit — Munjal wasn’t one of them, but kicked everyone’s behind).

So, Chris, let’s make next year’s Gnomedex conference the biggest and best ever. What can I do to help?


Microsoft Research Gestures at Me (video)

Really great walking tour with Kevin Schofield of Microsoft Research.

This is a 50-minute monster. Not for the faint of heart.

But, if you do the download, make sure and catch what starts at around 36:00. It is f**king awesome.

What is Andy Wilson (the guy who did Bill Gates’ CES keynote demo last year) showing?

A video camera. Aimed at his hands. The picture above gives you a hint. His hands are controlling the keyboard — without touching anything.

The software he wrote is magical. You gotta see the video.

The rest of the video is interesting too. Oh, and you see Buzz Bruggeman, CEO of Activewords, ducking in behind Kevin in a few places in the video too. Anyway, enjoy.

UPDATE: I should have linked to Kevin’s blog.

Oh, and did you catch my plug of Valleyschwag?

UPDATE2: someone took just the Andy Wilson piece of the video and uploaded it to YouTube.