Jason Calacanis on the loose?

What would it take to land Jason Calacanis, GM of AOL? Valleywag called here today, I hear, and tried to find out if he’d be coming to PodTech.

Oh, that’d be fun, but come on, why would Jason want to play in someone else’s pond? If I were in his position I’d start something new.

If the rumors of Jason leaving AOL are true, AOL just got a lot more uninteresting.

UPDATE: Jason confirmed he is leaving AOL. Beet.TV reports that Egadget’s Peter Rojas is staying at AOL.


Meet the geeks at Zillow (and new stuff for your MySpace page)

Got a few cool videos up today on ScobleShow. First, a couple from my tour through Zillow. There’s the dev team (sorry the audio was a bit bad at first, but it gets better after the first few minutes) where we talk about what development trends inside the Web 2.0 business and then we meet the CFO and talk about a range of things about Zillow’s business. That dude is smart. Zillow was just named to Ad Age’s “Marketing 50” too.

In a separate video we hang out with SayNow’s CEO, Nikhyl Singhal, who tells us about some new community-building features that SayNow has shipped for MySpace users.

Playstation 3 Mania in San Francisco

I’m sitting on a sidewalk with the first 30 people who’ve been waiting in line since yesterday (PlayStation 3’s go on sale at midnight). There are about 700 people in line at San Francisco’s Metreon. The lines are longer than most of the Xbox events I remember. Supposedly they have 500 for sale, but no one is releasing the real number.

They are closing four streets for a concert in front of the Metreon at 6 p.m. tonight. They aren’t releasing the names of the bands, but it’s pretty clear this won’t be a high school band playing.

The Sony marketing machine is here in force. It’s all out mania.

If anyone tells me HDTV doesn’t have economic power all they have to do is come to the Metreon. $600 a piece. You are already too late to buy one.

I’m not in line. I’m going to interview Ross Mayfield, wiki pioneer.