Apple rebooting problem hits us…

Patrick’s brand new 15-inch MacBookPro is randomly rebooting (happened twice in 15 minutes, and four times on Thursday). I thought it was only happening to MacBooks, not the MacBookPros. My son is learning that blind allegience to a company (he’s Apple’s biggest fan) comes with pain too. Anyone else have this problem?

Patrick’s off to the Apple store to see what they say.

As a comparison, I have three PCs. Two of which have never crashed in their entire lifetimes. And I use my PCs nearly around the clock. I have two Macs too and haven’t seen this problem on those.


What a year!

It’s already 2007 in many parts of the world. We have 13 more hours to go here. Happy New Years!

2006 saw a lot of change in my life. Published a book, which has done very well. Mom dying. Quitting an awesome job and starting with a startup that doesn’t have an assured future. Moving. Sold and bought a house. Got a BMW and a big screen. Tons of traveling. Starting a new video show (in first three months have interviewed more than 50 CEOs).

Hopefully 2007 sees a little more steadiness, but I bet it’ll be just as chaotic as 2006. My son becomes a teenager in 14 days. Yikes. The years are ticking off awfully fast.

Here’s hoping that 2007 is a great one for you and your families. See ya on the other side.

More analysis of my blog

The 15-year-old kid in India, Yuvi, does a LOT more analysis of my blog. For instance, there’s a 70% chance I won’t link to something twice. I find this all fascinating. Gives me a look into my own behavior here that I never had. It also turns out I link a lot more to PodTech lately. That makes sense, cause I’m now part of PodTech and want you to know what I’m doing over there.

This analysis earned Yuvi a subscription. I find I’m putting stuff of his on my link blog. It’d be very interesting to see an analysis of what I put on the link blog. Why? Cause I bet that’s a bit less biased — I put anything on there that simply catches my eye. That might be a more useful thing to analyze.

UPDATE: Christian Long (my favorite education blogger) analyzes Yuvi’s posts.