More from the Vloggies

OK, I have a complete list of winners from the Vloggies up now — the big winners was Alive in Baghdad (they got the only standing ovation of the evening). Interestingly enough, before the Vloggies, I had never seen their stuff and it really is incredible. In fact, I haven’t seen many of the award winners before tonight and there’s some really interesting video going on out there. I’m slowing going through the list and will share my favorites from time to time. I love Ze Frank and Rocketboom, but there’s really a lot more incredible work being done out there and I’m glad we got a chance to highlight just a little bit of that tonight.

Vloggies really was an incredible show, so many interesting people there and a great vibe, which has always been true of the videoblogging community from when I first saw videoblogs at Northern Voice, to the vloggercon, to here. Irina Slutsky deserves credit for having the dream and getting it to happen. Valerie Cunningham did a huge amount of work behind the scenes. So did Maryam and others that I’m forgetting.

Technorati’s Kevin Marks filmed Jerry Zucker’s remarks, which were pretty funny.

Sebastian Prooth interviewed the voice guy, Joe Klein.

Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher, has a good report. One thing that Tom got sorta incorrect is that Irina was the one who got most of the people to come out and it was her vision that got this to happen. Valerie kicked ass, though, too. Both deserve credit, not just one.

Thank you to the sponsors as well. Yahoo Video; Blip.TV; GUBA; Revver; Webex; Dabble; Pandora; Intel; Cafe Nord, and the presenters, We really appreciate the role they played in making the evening really special.

Rox, of Beach Walks, has a video report from Vloggies. She won three awards.

Thanks to Scott Beale for the photo used in this post, and for posting a ton of photos from the Vloggies.

UPDATE: Scott just posted his Vloggie Wrapup with lots of great photos.