Off to Wales…

Our thanksgiving was awesome. Had a bunch of family over. The weather was spectacular in Half Moon Bay. You can hear Maryam talking about what Thanksgiving means to her as an Iranian-American. Anyone want some turkey? I’m stuffed!

In a few minutes we’re heading toward Wales (flight leaves at 7:50 p.m. tonight from SFO). Newport, that is. Home town of Robert Gale who keeps a great blog about funny/weird stuff. We’re visiting Maryam’s brother. I’ll try to hop on email and see if anyone left me a note (I won’t be checking voice mail until December 11th, though, because it costs too much in Europe, so email or Skype is the best way to get ahold of me).

Then on Monday we’re heading to London. Hope to see you there.

We’ll be at the Online Information 2006 conference. I have my video camera and would love to meet up with anyone who has interesting technology to show me. On December 3rd we head to Amsterdam. Anyone interested in meeting up there?

Oh, in London we’re trying to figure out a geek event. A geek dinner on Friday evening is proving difficult to make happen cause all the usual venues are booked up. Hugh Macloed wants to meet up in London next Friday evening and do something fun.

So, how about doing something different? How about we meet up in Hyde Park at, say, 1 p.m. next Friday? We can all get away from our computers and take a walk after seeing the sights we’ll probably end up on a pub crawl. If that sounds interesting, leave a note here. We’ll post next week where the meeting place will be.

Oh, while I’m thinking of Hugh, don’t miss his manifesto madness — he’s posting a bunch of 500-word manifestos on his blog and they are quite good.

If you’re bored, I caught up with my feeds so my linkblog is up to date.