What to do when you’re bored: talk about Google OS!

The tech blogosphere was getting boring for the past few minutes so Emre Sokullu and Richard MacManus saves us from the hell of boredom by talking about the Google OS.

I think they are both drinking better Merlot than I am. Can you send over a bottle?

Why would Google want the hell of doing an OS? They are having a much better time just selling ads on top. And they will continue to be successful at doing that, no matter what Bill Gates says.

The real Google OS, by the way, is what’s running on their datacenters. They have teams doing nothing but writing drivers for disk drives. Why? To make their server OS work better across thousands of servers.

If Google is going to sell an OS, it’ll be a server OS that’ll be a good hosting container for a ton of Web 2008-style services. Doing an OS for a laptop or a desktop? Please.