Instructables is cool

Make Magazine uses Instructables to teach its readers how to do something. You can see Instructables on LunchMeet, which was filmed last week at the Web 2.0 conference.

And in my previous post I have a bad URL. I’m getting that fixed (it’s for the Windows crash team). So, don’t try to watch that video. Sorry about that.


Video, we got video!

Having Christopher Coulter is paying dividends already. I have four videos up today:

An interview/tour with Trulia’s CEO (that’s a real-estate Web 2.0 site).
A demo of Trulia done by its CEO.
A Channel 9 style meeting with the Microsoft team that handles all the crash data from Windows. If you’re an ISV you’ll want to watch this one.
An interview with “tech momma” Sue Polinsky.

It’s the ScobleShow. Us Scobles have been busy! Doing our best to fill up your hard drives with interesting stuff. Oh, now I understand why Seagate sponsored my show. 🙂

Maryam interviews “Tech Momma” of Greensboro, North Carolina

We had such a great time at the Converge South conference. Sue Polinsky, one of the organizers, had us stay in her home and we learned she’s a pretty interesting lady who’s had her fingers in all sorts of stuff in Greensboro (walking around town with her made us realize just how respected she is). Maryam had a fun interview with her.