We’ve arrived…

Whew, what a long trip. Got a ton of email done. One of the most productive flights I’ve ever had. Something about being stuck on a plane gets me totally in flow state. I started the trip with 550 unread emails and ended it with 43.

No distractions cause there ain’t no Internet connection and Maryam was watching movies.

Anyway, I’m jet lagged now. Looks like there’s lots of people who are excited about doing something on Friday afternoon (and a ton of parties we can crash too in the evening). We’ll figure that out.

This is a weird world. Not nearly as much wifi as back home and a LOT more people smoke here (one lady refused to put hers out on the train — in California she would have been arrested or beaten, or both). Oh, and what’s up with reading tabloids? It seemed the entire train was reading trashy tabloid newspapers.

I do love traveling for 16 hours and being able to jack into the Internet and everything works just like it did back at home.

Tomorrow Maryam wants to go see the Cardiff Castle. Sounds fun.

UPDATE: that plan got thrown out cause of family logistics. So, we’ll hang around Newport tomorrow. Just made plans to meet Robert Gale at Wetherspoons near Murengers in town. This is the best thing about blogging — I can go to any town in the world and most likely find someone interesting to have a beer with.