How to get your company on TechCrunch

Guy Kawasaki has an interview with TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington where he talks with Mike about how to get covered there.

First of all, why are we focusing only on one person? Personally, if your product is so hot then go to the Z list, get them to write about it. Mike and I both watch hundreds of blogs and Digg. If something interesting is going on we’ll hear and write about it.

But the real way? Show up at conferences and geek events where Mike is at. Show him a demo of your product. But only do that if it totally kicks ass.

I saw a few things this week. was the best so far.

Translation: make something worthy of TechCrunch. If you do that, you’ll get on.

Wanna be on the ScobleShow? Show up at the lobby of Web 2.0 Summit tomorrow at 10 a.m. — I’ll be there with my video camera.