Google Master Plan 2.0 Revealed

Let’s see if this headline can get on Digg. Heheh. Yeah, it points to my interview with the Google Reader team. Yes, I linked to that in an earlier, less sensationalisticly-headlined post. Am I a traffic whore? Yes. Next question. 😉

Or, should I just give into the dark side of the force and put lots of funky icons like these underneath my blog post in a deseparate attempt to get you to add my post to sites like and Digg and BlueDot?

Hmmm, if I was a really good traffic beggar I’d even make the link to Digg prepopulate. Ahh, my evil plan for domination over Digg is almost complete.

Oh, damn, Digg just released a new algortihm to make it harder to get on the front page of Digg. Sigh.


Bad journalist gets blocked by ISP after plagiarizing

It’s amazing what my readers remember and go back and follow up on.

Stef Wisniewski posted a comment on a post I made back in March. One where I took on a journalist about bad reporting. Well, he followed up and found out that the “journalist” in question, David Richards, allegedly stole content from the Big Picture Big Sound Website.

My earlier problem with him was when he wrote an article about Windows Vista with a headline claiming that 60% of Vista would be rewritten after the publishing of the article. That was complete hogwash. Vista is pretty darn close to shipping and there was no way that it was 60% (or even 1%) rewritten between March and now.

When you learn a publication is willing to report totally made up crap and stand by it then you shouldn’t be surprised when other sleazy stuff happens too.

More details and real journalism being done by citizens over in the Whirlpool Forums.

Thanks Stef. Australia deserves a better journalist than this guy (what’s laughable is he’s CEO of a magazine. Sigh).