Searching “the Google” for memes

I’m here with Ben Constable and Sacha (she’s a math student and one of the top 10 Zuma players in the world and he is a developer on the Microsoft Max team) and he’s showing me all sorts of fun memes. Stuff like:


I’d hit it!

Weird stuff people post on the Internets. They use “O RLY” to answer email and forum threads where someone makes an outrageous claim. You can post a picture from “O RLY” to answer that. “I’d hit it” is for anything you think is good.

And, we’re having lots of fun drinking wine and talking about “the Google.” Search Google for “The Google” and you’ll find the George Bush reference.

Hope you’re having a good Friday evening!

More on Ze Frank and Rocketboom ad numbers

Ze Frank and Rocketboom came up in conversations here at the Blog Business Summit several times today. I asked the audience here how many people had never watched Ze Frank and Rocketboom. Most people (I’d guess about 90%) had never watched Ze, but only about 40% had never watched Rocketboom. And these were astute bloggers I was asking.

That said, Ze has a more engaged audience, based on my readings here. Several people said they loved Ze. No one came up to me, or talked to me, about Rocketboom after our talk.

As an advertiser I think I’d rather have Ze talk about my stuff right now than Rocketboom because I sense his audience is growing a lot faster than Rocketboom, and his audience is more engaged. But, that’s very hard to sell to an advertiser. I bet if I worked at a company looking to spend a million on one of these shows it’d be a lot easier to convince my boss on Rocketboom cause of the larger numbers.

Marshall Kirkpatrick of TechCrunch takes this on in an interesting and lengthy post today. So does Heather Green of BusinessWeek’s blogspotting, among others.