Day of Meetings

Lunch with Dave Davison, retired VC’er. Meeting with editorial crew. Meeting with Paul (Maryam’s boss). Interview at Automattic with Toni Schneider, CEO (they make the blog tool you’re reading my words on). Interview at Interview of Ryan Block, writer on Engadget (he has some cool toys to show me). Drop off tapes at Ryanne’s. Whew.

Anyway, catching my eye this morning. Wired has an article on Microsoft’s rebuilding. Go Ozzie Go!

Chris has a nice list of feeds of interesting bloggers, mostly centered around .NET programming.

Jason Lee Miller shared a beanbag last week with me. Bummer that Nick Douglas wasn’t there. That would certainly have gotten on Valleywag if he were. Coverage from the Podcasting Expo is now up on NoodleScar and Rocketboom.

CIO Insight magazine’s Ed Cone did a Q&A with me, which is now up.

Hey, maybe I should get a referal fee from TechMeme for those new advertisers. Check out the graph of where TechMeme’s traffic comes from. Heheh. Just kidding Gabe. I love TechMeme.

Gotta run. Full day today. I’m working on getting some stuff up on ScobleShow too. Later.


The four weeks of October are booked…sigh

Damn, I don’t even have time to sneeze the next four weeks.

This week I travel to Seattle to interview a bunch of folks at Microsoft and other companies, and interview Woz on stage at the University of Washington.

Then next week we head to Converge South in North Carolina, where we have a meeting slated with Elizabeth Edwards, among others, and Maryam and I are giving at least one presentation.

The third week of October we’re going to film and post a new show — from San Francisco — which we’re calling “the Lunch Show” for now (it probably will get a better name later). If you wanna be on, please drop us a line — Irina and Eddie will host this daily show from the lunch room of Technorati! Geeks with something cool to demonstrate are what we’re looking for. We’ll film that from noon to 1 p.m. every day and hopefully have it up by 6 p.m. — we’ll see how that goes, doing a daily video show isn’t going to be easy. But we’re excited that Dave Sifry and club have supported the project wholeheartedly and we have lots of fun guests lined up (with more — like you — needed).

The fourth week we head back to Seattle for the Blog Business Summit where we just learned we’re going to be guests on a private Lear Jet trip to Walla Walla (the guy, Steve Broback, who hosts Blog Business Summit is taking several bloggers to dinner, courtesy of Greenpoint Technologies who is a VIP jet completion firm and is sponsoring the trip — details here on the Blog Business Summit’s blog).

I’ll bring my video gear along. It’s quite something to get a ride on a jet that I never would be able to afford otherwise.

I guess I just did a “PayPerPost” here, didn’t I? Well, if you’re gonna sell your soul, why settle for only $2.50? My soul costs more than that. A ride in a Lear Jet is getting closer. 🙂