Ze Frank on how to videoblog

Second in a series. Oh, did you know that I have twice as many viewers who hate me than any other videoblog? It’s true. I read it on the Internet. You’ll have to watch Ze’s video about how to have a popular videoblog to get what I’m trying to say here. He also has some interesting things to say about videoblog traffic hype.
We’re on our way to Seattle. Have a good one. Group A is loading in Oakland right now.

I just read that Larry Larsen is going to run On10. Awesome. He’s been someone I’ve watched for a long time and he’ll make On10 a lot more interesting to watch! A real geek. You gotta see his home office (linked to above).


Cisco telepresence video

A very large version of the Cisco press conference is now up. We’re working on a regular smaller version. Whew. Someday I might write a book on all the mistakes I’ve made editing this sucker.

In the video you’re seeing Guido Jouret, Cisco CTO explain the system to a group of journalists. I tried to zoom in on the screen so you can see the quality and low-latency. For a videoconferencing freak like me this was a real thrill cause I’ve never seen this kind of quality until now.