I love Google Reader

Here’s the trick to learning to love Google Reader. First, I visit http://reader.google.com. Second, I import my OPML file from NewsGator. Third, I go to “All items.” Fourth I learn to use the “J” and “K” keys. J goes forward through all the items. K goes backward. Then I click on things that I want to share with you.


Not just rich people buy Playstations and Xbox’s

There’s a meme out there that only rich people will be able to afford Playstation 3’s. That’s bulls**t.

Let me tell you how it works in the US of A. You walk into Best Buy. Ask for a credit application. Fill it out. They approve you for $10,000 on the spot (as long as you’ve paid all your credit card bills on time). You head over to the big screen department, pick out your $4,000 big screen and your $600 Playstation 3, and a $500 HD-DVD drive. Then you pay something like $140 per month in payments.

Can’t afford that much? Then get a screen that costs about $1,500 instead.

Now, how much is that? Well, a movie, hotdog, and Coke, for four people will cost you about $60. So, for two movies with your family you can afford a kick ass bigscreen and gaming system.

There is WAY too much being made about the price of these things.