Irina asks a Ninja

I love Ask a Ninja. It’s one of the fun things I can do with Patrick.

Fun to see the two guys behind that videoshow on Geek Entertainment TV.

Do you watch that?

If you don’t like that, well, Ze Frank has the worst sex toy … ever.

Not just rich people buy Playstations and Xbox’s

There’s a meme out there that only rich people will be able to afford Playstation 3’s. That’s bulls**t.

Let me tell you how it works in the US of A. You walk into Best Buy. Ask for a credit application. Fill it out. They approve you for $10,000 on the spot (as long as you’ve paid all your credit card bills on time). You head over to the big screen department, pick out your $4,000 big screen and your $600 Playstation 3, and a $500 HD-DVD drive. Then you pay something like $140 per month in payments.

Can’t afford that much? Then get a screen that costs about $1,500 instead.

Now, how much is that? Well, a movie, hotdog, and Coke, for four people will cost you about $60. So, for two movies with your family you can afford a kick ass bigscreen and gaming system.

There is WAY too much being made about the price of these things.