A sneak peek into Engadget’s crib

I filmed a fun segment for the ScobleShow (won’t be up until at least October 11th cause of a “frieNDA”) with Ryan Block at his house last night. He’s been writing for Engadget for, it seems, ever. Anyway, that dude is one serious gadget freak. I’m jealous. Although my HDTV is bigger (and I think sharper) than his. Neener neener neener!

Dude had something like six Xbox 360s sitting on the floor (Engadget is giving them away in a contest).

His girlfriend, Veronica Belmont, I learned, is on CNET TV. She gave me a tour of their new interface. Very cool. One thing that I didn’t like about the new UI is I can’t figure out how to link to a specific video. Not good. It’s why I like a simpler, less “cool” interface that makes it easier to link to specific video posts (Veronica has a good one on how to videoblog, for instance, but I can’t share it with you cause I can’t figure out how to link just to that video. Sigh).


Readers per URL among blogging services: is it important?

Microsoft Live Spaces has something like 75 million spaces, and about 125 million unique visitors a month (at least those were the last numbers I saw shared).

WordPress.com, according to Automattic’s CEO (that’s the company that makes WordPress), Toni Schneider, in an interview I had with him yesterday, has 400,000 WordPress.com blogs, but has 25 million unique visitors per month.

Which service is going to be more attractive to advertisers? Which one builds a better business?

I wonder if anyone is doing a comparison of readers per URL among all the blogging services (and MySpace and FaceBook too)? Anyone doing research on these kinds of metrics?

B5 Media gets funding

Now you know what we were really talking about when we were drinking Mad Mojitos with B5 Media’s CEO, Jeremy Wright (he only hinted at what was coming, but told me a little more after the camera was off).


You know, if I were really thinking like Jason Calacanis often does (I remember his offer to Digg’s top diggers), I’d get $15 million from a VC firm to start a new content network, go to all the ZDNet bloggers, and get them to start a new company and give them equity and video cameras and mo money. That’s a killer blogging network just sitting there for the picking. I wonder if they have exclusive contracts?

Dan Farber (the ZDNet visionary who put this network together) doesn’t have to worry, though. I don’t have $15 million.