FrenchMaid’s show how to register a domain

Oh boy. When I heard about French Maids at the Podcasting Expo last week I had no idea what their show was about. Let’s just say this is a show aimed at the male half of the gender side. Oh, and GoDaddy paid for this show about how to register a domain. This is pretty darn close to soft porn. But, it did cause lots of conversations on the floor of the podcasting expo. They also are one of the top podcasts on iTunes. Which just goes to show you: nothing sells like sex.

Oh, if you want a more serious report from the Podcasting Expo, check out Podonomics report. Leesa Barnes reports and includes interviews from Tim Bourquin, founder of the Podcast and Portable Media Expo and Ron Moore, executive producer of Battlestar Gallactica. Leesa’s report is excellent. Listen to what she says about Adam Curry and Podshow too. They are a competitor of ours, so I won’t say anything, but Leesa has a good point and one I heard many times from the show floor.

In his interview, Tim Bourquin talked about the Apple Computer cease and desist letters that were sent to companies using “pod” in their product names. John Welch gave me crud about sensationalizing that last week, trying to make it look like Apple was coming after all podcasting companies. That’s a fair criticism. Tim handles it a lot better in his interview.