Pluggd, Woz, and seven minutes of Flock

Ever want to look into a podcast, er, netcast without listening to it? Well, is your service. I visted them today and they crawl the Web looking for audio (and soon video) content, like Leo Laporte’s TWiT program. Then they index it, convert the speech in it to text strings (not full text, but enough text so you can do searches on what was discussed).

This is cool cause then you can see where, say, Tiger Woods was discussed, in a sports podcast without listening to the whole thing. Get a demo of the HearHere technology I saw today. I can’t wait until they do this for video.


Woz (co-founder of Apple) was lots of fun tonight, had more than an hour of asking him lots of stories about his experiences at Apple and other things. Even talked about his love of Tetris, laser pointers, and the new US Festival that he’s planning for next year. The interview I did with him was the eighth speech he did today alone. Damn that guy has a lot of energy. I got three of his very collectable metalic business cards. I have more than 1,400 business cards and his is definitely the coolest. It’s all metal and etched out. He told me that someone sold one on eBay for more than $500. I’m not selling mine, though. They totally rock and I’ll treasure mine forever.

I did videotape the interview. Well, actually David Geller, CEO of What Counts, ran my camera while I was on stage. He did a good job, but the audio was a bit overdriven (not his fault, that’s what came off the sound equipment). I’ll still get the video up sometime soon cause even though the audio isn’t perfect it’s still a good Woz speech (one of the book tour planners said it was her favorite of the past two days that she’s been listening to). I wish I could get the video up faster but it takes time to encode, and edit, and I don’t have a machine on the road capable of doing it.


Nicole is taking my wife to Ikea? Oh, great, I can smell more funky stuff for me to put together. What did I do? I leave Maryam alone for a few days and now she’s taking Nicole to Ikea. Help! Heheh. Hey, Nicole, have the Swedish Meatballs, they are my favorite thing to get at Ikea.


Ever wonder what the big deal about Flock (new browser) is? Well, here you can see one of the co-founders giving a seven minute demo of it and showing you the coolest features of the latest version. I love a good demo, and this one is great. I’m the monkey running the camera, filmed this for the ScobleShow. I thought the demo idea would be stupid, but I like how these are coming out. What do you think?