Dave Winer was right about river reading

I have been keeping up with my Feed Reading lately and posting the best stuff to my link blog. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t reading as many feeds lately because it just wasn’t fun.

It’s interesting. For the past few years I’ve used NewsGator inside of Outlook. I fought with Dave Winer about news aggregators for all of that time. He said that a “river” style of news aggregator is a lot nicer than a three-pane folder aggregator, like what NewsGator has.

Now, yeah, NewsGator has a river view too, but I never found it satisfying. I’m not sure why Google’s Reader caught my eye, but now that it has it’s just so much easier to read thousands of posts and sift through them looking for good stuff.

I don’t read separate feeds anymore. I just read everything in one long continuous scrolling Window. By the way, it’s a LOT faster on Firefox 2 than in IE 7.

Partly it’s the cross-platform thing. By using Google Reader I don’t need to worry about getting my feeds loaded into the various computers I use. In fact, I can just sit down at your computer and start reading feeds (something I’ve actually done a lot more often than I’d like to admit).

My readers have been suggesting I go back and give Bloglines and Newsgator online (among others) another chance. Over the past week I have and I just don’t like those as much as I like the Google Reader.

What about you? Have you tried Google Reader? Why do you stick with the aggregator you’re on, if you haven’t switched? Why did you switch to Google Reader if you have?

ASIDE: our PPT slides from our Blog Business Summit presentation are now up, if you wanna download them and take a look.