Scrybe gets you organized

While drinking Scotch tonight lots of people have been emailing me about Scrybe. Download Squad links to a cool video. They say “wow” and I agree. The Ajaxian blog says “looks too good to be true.”

Can’t wait to see use it myself. I’m still more than 500 emails in email deficit, so need more organization.


Drinking Scotch while watching Diggnation

Have you ever noticed that Diggnation gets better if you’re drinking hard-core alcohol? I can’t believe 200,000+ people watch that show. John Batelle told me that FM Media is selling tens of thousands of dollars of ads on it every week. UPDATE: I must have misheard him, cause I learned that FM Media sells ads on Digg, not Diggnation, sorry about that.

Actually, the fact that Diggnation is bringing in the ad dollars means I’m aiming too high. What a brilliant idea. Get together on a couch. Drink some beer. Tell people what you think. And collect cash.

I’m jealous.

That said, I’d rather watch Photoshop Online. Heck, mix Photoshop Online with good Scotch and you’ll end up with nicer photos while getting drunk. Beats listening to Kevin Rose while HE gets drunk on cheap expensive beer.

OK, I gotta fess up. Thomas Hawk and Jan Kabili, the guru behind Photoshop Online, will be here in the morning filming a Photowalking session.

I think I’ll show her the new Paint.NET, which is looking pretty good.

What the hell is Don Box up to?

I see that John Lam just joined Microsoft and is working in building 42. That’s where Don Box works. Before I left Microsoft Don was working on something cool, but he wouldn’t tell me about it. Don has Chris Sells locked in an office with him. I can just see it now. Building 42 is where good bloggers go to escape the world.

In the meantime, Chris Sells linked to this Windows Vista website. Weird. I really don’t like sites like this. I think they are a waste of marketing dollars. But that’s just me. Just go into Don Box’s office with a camcorder and ask him about Windows Vista. He knows what it does.

If you don’t know who John Lam or Don Box or Chris Sells are, well, they used to be among the favorite speakers at Visual Studio Conferences. Smart dudes.

I wonder what’s going on in building 42. Hey, Charles Torre, take a camcorder over there and see what’s going on!

Oh, and Chris Sells, your site looks better in Google Reader than it does in HTML. Can you do something about that?