I’m jealous of Open Hack Day’ers

Beck showed up last night at the Yahoo Open Hack Day. Wow. Michael Arrington, who helped arrange the event, begged me to come and said I’d really be blowing it if I didn’t go.

Phil Wolff has a comparison between the Yahoo event and an eBay one.

I got the consolation prize, though. Jason Calacanis gave me a ride in his Yellow Corvette to dinner. Not quite as good as a private Beck concert, but had its own attributes!

Sorry the blog has been lame. Been having too many meetings to put my hands on a keyboard.

There’s a lot of photos and reports on the event on Technorati.


New UMPCs rock

I agree with Engadget. The new UMPCs (basically small Tablet PCs) are MUCH better than the first ones. The new Sony is tiny and interesting. The only thing wrong is still the price.

In fact, at Microsoft they did a lot of price testing. If these ever get to $500 they’ll sell like hotcakes. The OEMs don’t believe Microsoft’s own price testing, though. That’s too bad.

At the Intel Developer Forum I got a demo of one that interacted with a new prototype VW and it was awesome. Those new markets won’t really appear for several more years, but I talked with representatives from VW and they can see a whole bunch of things to do with them.

More Photowalking with Thomas Hawk

Cool, all four parts of the Photowalking tour with Thomas Hawk are up on the ScobleShow. We’re also looking for other photographers to walk around with. Must be located within driving distance of San Francisco — for now.

In the second segment, it is fun watching Thomas get wet and then get on the ground to get some unique shots. Love that lens cleaning technique too!

In the third segment we go dark. Low light shooting of the Golden Gate bridge. In the fourth segment we go into the city for some urban photography.

Would love to know what you think, especially if you have a digital SLR camera. Is this kind of stuff useful or interesting? What would you like to see us shoot in the future? Models? Scenery? In a studio? Wine country? Gold country? Beaches? Sports?
Thomas has more, including links to the photos he made during this session, on his blog.

Out of all the stuff that I’ve done, for even the shows that’ll come up in a couple of weeks, this is my favorite. I wonder if you agree?