Maryam interviews Elizabeth Edwards

Her husband ran for President last time around (and probably will next time too). But, last week at the ConvergeSouth conference she sat down with Maryam for a 14 minute interview where she talked about being a geek, a mom, a cancer survivor, videoblogger, and more.

This was Maryam’s second interview. Maryam (my wife) stole my last job and she’s well on her way to stealing my current one too. That’s OK, she stole my heart too. At least Maryam will let me run camera. 🙂

Elizabeth was really a gracious interview and admitted that she’s now using a PC cause she had both a PC and a Mac and her Mac was the only one stolen. We didn’t talk about political stands or positions, by the way, it wasn’t that kind of interview.
Maryam has more on her blog.