Happy Halloween photos

I’m sure more will be coming (in a little more than an hour Thomas Hawk made about 500 images) but here’s the first images from last night’s photowalk around Half Moon Bay’s pumpkin farms. I wish I had Thomas’ talent. While we were walking around (following Thomas is quite a workout, especially since I need to go everywhere he does, except I do it by walking backward) I noted that we’ve gotten lucky twice in a row with the light. It was beautiful. All week long it had been overcast, foggy, and rainy, but yesterday the sun was out and it made all the pumpkins extra orange. I wanna go buy a pumpkin and carve it with an RSS icon on the face. Hey, it’s orange. And I’m boring. Hope your Sunday includes some pumpkin pie.

Oh, Thomas is loading photos up while I type. I just went back and two more images were there.