Big gadget sites don’t link to blogs (I went overboard, read updates)

Interesting how the big gadget sites, like Gizmodo and Engadget, don’t link to blogs UPDATE8: I went overboard. Sometimes I do that. I apologize to Engadget and Gizmodo. Move along, nothing to see here (but read the comments anyway, they are where the real action is).

Gizmodo went even further. They deleted a comment of mine, on this post about Intel, where I pointed out I had some video about the Intel announcements last night that’d add onto their posts. UPDATE5: Just called Brian Lam at Gizmodo, he says he didn’t delete the comment and is looking into it. UPDATE 6: Lockhart Steele says my comment was stuck in an approval queue. Engadget hasn’t linked, but hasn’t removed my comment, either. Engadget wins!

It’s interesting how everyone links to the New York Times, who of course doesn’t link to blogs, but very few bloggers will link to another blogger who got access to something they didn’t.

I’ve noticed this “not linking” trend is growing on blogs. It used to be bloggers used to link to everything. Now you hardly find a link on any blog. What’s going on here? Steve Gillmor wins! 🙂

I remember a former boss of mine telling me “do not link off property.” Translation: the audience is treated like a roach. You can walk into the gadget site, but you dare not go to another blog.

What’s funny is that this opens up opportunities. I link to all the closed systems (that’s what my link blog is all about). I want my readers to have the best and most complete information on a topic.

I guess Gizmodo and Engadget don’t really want that for their readers.

UPDATE: Slashdot doesn’t link either. Neither does AnandTech. Neither does Hot Hardware.

UPDATE 2: Neither does Daily Tech. Neither does Silicon Valley Sleuth. Neither does the Tech News Journal. Neither does PCLaunches. Neither does BDUO. Or GPUWiki. Neither does SEO Blogger. Neither does Fanboy Tech Web. Neither does BitTech. Neither does ZDNet.

Digg doesn’t link. Neither does the “laziest blogger on the Net” (although he has the best excuse!)

Emiratesmac DOES link. I subscribed. TUAW DOES link. I’m already subscribed. Why are the Mac sites better at linking?

TechMeme DOES link. Any wonder why that site is gaining more and more readers every day? And people think it’s elitist! The problem is that it’s the least elitist of all these “non-linking” blogs.

UPDATE3: Last Podcast DOES link.

UPDATE4: Peter Rojas, in my comments, says I owe Engadget an apology. They did link to my Bill Gates’ lunch video, so I agree I probably went overboard. But even that link came after the news had broken. But, I am sorry for going overboard.

UPDATE7: Ars Technical DOES link.

UPDATE8: I apologize to Gizmodo and Engadget. They link to blogs. Just not mine unless I raise a stink.

UPDATE9: The Guardian DOES link. JD Lasica does NOT link. does NOT link. Vinnie Mirchandani does NOT link. Flexbeta does NOT link. ITNews does NOT link.


Vista on a Mac? Not easy

Patrick Scoble: “Trying to load Vista on a Mac gave me a headache.”

He was working on it for the past few hours. BootCamp worked great. Installing Vista? Worked great.

The problem?

Tons of drivers don’t work. He couldn’t get it to connect to the Internet. And all sorts of things that Mac users take for granted with OSX (camera, lighted keyboard, being two) don’t work because he couldn’t find drivers for them.

This is with the shipping version of Windows Vista.

Anyone else try to install Vista on a MacBookPro?