The highs and lows of CES

I’m still not 100% after CES. It’s amazing what a week of three-hour-a-night sleep does to your body.

Plus, we met up with John Welch and his fiance on Saturday. Yes, that John Welch. The one who is always giving me heck in my comments.

Turns out he’s a real sweetheart. Seriously. Didn’t call me a name in four hours we spent together on Saturday and he even wrote a really nice post about it.

Before I met John I was really nervous. He was totally different than I expected him to be. Wonderful guy. Hope to do something fun at next year’s MacWorld, which starts on January 14th. Speaking of January 14th, Happy Birthday to my son! Yesterday was his birthday. Thanks to Apple, Inc., for getting his computer back to him. He was SO happy yesterday.

What did he want for his birthday present? That’s right. He just wanted to hang out in the Apple store in Palo Alto. I’m so proud! He’s a teenager now and there’s so many worse things he could be getting into (drugs, or worse) that, while I give him heck for being a fan boy, I am so relieved.

It was a great end to a week that saw PodTech really take off with its BlogHaus, which, was a runaway success. Technology Evangelist said we had the best CES party. Doing a blog search on BlogHaus reveals hundreds of positive comments — Seagate, AMD, and Microsoft got a grand-slam home run here for a pretty small investment as CES parties go. Add to that we got a lot of great video (for an example, check out Geek Entertainment TV’s CES report).

But, there’s something else that I’m sad to report. Christopher Coulter, who was running camera for me on last week’s Bill Gates’ interview, is no longer a PodTech employee. I wish him well on his future endeavors (I give him a glowing recommendation).

Another bummer? I have 626 emails. Er, 628 (two more just came in) to answer and that’s after cleaning out all the spam, news releases, and other things. Ever have a line of 628 people waiting outside your office door for you to get your act together? It’ll take a while to catch up.

Tomorrow I am over meeting some of the top engineers at Sun Microsystems along with Jonathan Schwartz, Sun’s CEO. Anything you want me to ask him? John Markoff, top tech journalist at the New York Times, asked Jonathan some snarky questions last week. Er, or that should be “some questions about snarky comments on his blog.” Heheh. I should bring Irina along tomorrow. She’s the queen of snark.

Hope you had a snark-free weekend. It’s going to be a blog-lite week as I struggle to catch up on email. Whew.