Steven Levy of Newsweek blogs

Oh, Steven Levy, why are you trying to mess up a good deal? We all know that Apple doesn’t consider bloggers worthy of talking to. So, now that you’re blogging, aren’t you afraid that Steve won’t call you up anymore and give you exclusive looks at iPods and other things?

But, seriously, welcome to the bloggy world. I am real sorry I missed you when you dropped by the BlogHaus. I hear that both you and John Markoff of the New York Times dropped by and stayed for a couple of hours (I was working on the show floor when they dropped by).

So, does that mean that John is going to start blogging too?


And now I can get some sleep

The experiment in sleep deprivation that the rest of you know as CES is almost over (the BlogHaus closes in 45 minutes and we start cleaning up and heading for home). I’m struggling to get some videos up, we did two more Retrevo gangs that I might not be able to get up for a while (probably next week), along with a ton of videos. But nothing like what you’ll see over on over the next week. They uploaded more than 100 videos. Those guys are machines. Andru Edwards tells me they’ll roll out that 100+ videos over the next week.

Congrats to both Engadget and Gizmodo. UPDATE: Looking over the past week I think Engadget did the best job, but that doesn’t mean Gizmodo was a loser. I found a lot to value on both sites. (I did keep up my link blog all week long and it seems I linked to a few more Engadget items than Gizmodo ones. Either way I find I linked to a lot more of their stuff than anyone else put up, including CNET, who had a sizeable booth). The loser is everyone else. After visiting both Gizmodo and Engadget all week, I came away with a much better idea of the best stuff on the show floor than I would have gotten anywhere else.

Thanks to everyone who came to the BlogHaus, it was an over-the-top success for both us and our sponsors (Seagate, AMD, and Microsoft). Definitely will happen again.

UPDATE: Loren Feldman’s bubble bath is hillarious. His gestures toward Doc Searls and Jason Calacanis got me to snort up my orange juice. Loren is the video blogger who slammed my videos for being too long and boring. We’ve spent quite a lot of time together and he’s nicer and funnier in real life.