Bad Sinatra?

Loren Feldman introduces Bad Sinatra. Whatever that means. Yes, I wasted my time cause I really don’t want to answer emails. I hate emails. 728 to go. Sigh. But, I guess, there’s worse things to do than wasting time listening to Loren Feldman talk on iChat.

They were filming that on my birthday so I dropped in too. 🙂

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The WiFi guy…

Ed Saenz is the guy who named “WiFi.” Among other things (he does names for Nissan, too). We have an interesting chat about naming and some of the things marketers have to think about when they come up with names.

Oh, I’m back on blog vacation. My email has actually gone up in the past few days. 746 waiting. Sigh.

Heheh, he doesn’t like the name “iPod.” You’ll have to listen to understand why not, though.

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