Visiting the OnStar command center

Matt Kelly, who is working for PodTech doing the very cool NextGear channel for us (all about technology used in automobiles), has been writing me all evening after hearing I bought a Saturn telling me that his tour of the OnStar command center was the highlight of his week at the Detroit Auto Show. On that page is an interview with Chet Huber, OnStar’s president.

OnStar is a service started by General Motors that is being built into tons of cars in North America now. All I have to do is hit a little button on my mirror and I am talking with an operator, who can do a variety of things for me, including that she can send navigation directions to my car stereo.

This is a mondo cool service and I’m so jealous of Matt cause he got to see inside how they manage all these calls.


Google Reader behind?

Steve Bryant, over on Google Watch, says that Google Reader is behind, and is slower than, Bloglines.

Um, that’s like saying that personal computers were behind mainframes in 1977. Yes, they were, but that isn’t what matters.

Instead, look at the growth rates of both readers. Google’s growing a lot faster here.

Regarding speed? I use Google Reader with Firefox 2.0. It’s slower on IE. I wonder which browser Steve was using.

I read more than 29,000 items in the past 30 days with Google Reader. If it’s fast enough for me, it probably is fast enough for you. Not to mention that Google Reader lets me share RSS items with all of you on my link blog.

And, the keyboard shortcuts that Google Reader uses are wonderful. Some tips, for new Google Reader users. “J” key goes to next post. I can’t believe I’ve hit the J key 29,000 times in the past month. Whew. “K” goes backward. “Shift-S” shares an item on your link blog. “U” gets rid of the navigation stuff. Make sure in preferences to set Google Reader to read all items by default. That way when you visit all you’ll have to do is start hitting the “J” key to go through every new post that you’ve subscribed to.

What do you think? How does Google Reader stack up in your feed reading behavior?