Be careful loading Yahoo’s latest stuff (I hate this)

I hate it when companies try to change my system’s defaults. It’s a messy world out there. Andy Beal warns people about Yahoo’s latest stuff.

OK, I’m outta here for the weekend. I am keeping the link blog up to date, though. That’s how I found this warning from Andy. Thanks!

January 21 “museum day”

Hugh Macleod is leading a group to the Tate Modern in London. That’s a great idea to get some culture (it’s a great museum — if you live in London, you definitely should visit). We’re going to head to Sacramento’s Train Museum (world’s largest) for a Photowalking with Thomas Hawk. We’ll be there at 1 p.m. You’re invited. Seagate has donated a bunch of 8GB Compact Flash storage cards for me to give away as prizes, so we’ll have some photo contests there too.

Hello from Las Vegas airport. Where the wifi is free but the video poker games are not. 🙂

Sony didn’t learn from Beta format mistakes

Wow, so Sony didn’t learn from the mistakes it made with the Beta video tape format. It isn’t letting the porn industry play on BlueRay, a new HD video disk format. According to reports porn industry distributors are being forced into HD-DVD.

When I worked at LZ Premiums in the 1980s, the Beta vs. VHS video tape formats were in full swing. Our store rented video tapes, including a fairly large selection of adult videos. Many many VHS sales were decided on because of the much greater availability of adult entertainment in the VHS format.


In other news, we’re headed home today. I’m going to take the weekend off. I’m exhausted.

Ahh, CNET is reporting that Windows Vista is seeing stronger business sales than expected. Personally, I think we’re going to see that trend across the board. It demonstrates that while Vista didn’t get the hype and lots of bloggers would rather talk about something else that customers are buying.