CES warning: watch for people turning off TV’s

I’ve heard that a few people will be walking around CES’s main floor with devices that’ll turn off TVs. Imagine someone wearing a hat, with an IR emitter that can be turned on and off with a switch. All your TVs will go off and you won’t know why. My suggestion? If you’re a vendor preparing for CES today (like we are at PodTech) that you cover up your IR windows (they are the little windows on the front of monitors that receive remote control signals) with tape.


Why bash Microsoft and not Nokia?

Nokia is giving out cell phones to bloggers just like Microsoft gave laptops out, according to Steve Garfield, who got one of the cell phones and wrote a review. These are very expensive models, too.

Again, I don’t mind this. Steve disclosed that he got it for free when he wrote his review. Now, as a reader of Steve’s blog, I have to decide whether Steve is telling the truth or not. I believe he is, he was showing the cell phone around to lots of people last week at the John Edwards’ rally in New Hampshire and it gave me lots of gadget envy.

Disclaimer of my own. I’ve gotten Nokia cell phones for free in the past too.

Thomas, nice cemetary images!

I wish I could do Photowalking every day with Thomas. He gets interesting images. Yesterday he was shooting a cemetary in Oakland. He has the details up on Flickr (he’s CEO of competing service “Zooomr” — I love that he always posts his stuff first to Flickr). What CEO do you know that uses the competitor’s product before he uses his own? Thomas is the only one that does it in public.

Imagine what would happen if Bill Gates used a MacBookPro every day? Well, he might complain that it’s always shutting down. Heheheh. But, I bet he’d learn a thing or two. Or, if Oracle chief Larry Ellison used MySQL or SQL Server?