Egotistical bastard on way to CES

Going to CES from Silicon Valley is a unique experience. Nearly the entire plane we’re on (we’re sitting on a plane in Orange County, CA) is geeks going to Las Vegas. The guy sitting next to me is an engineer for PortalPlayer (which just got bought by NVidia). They make chips for iPods and other MP3 players.

Anyway, I see Yuvi did even more analysis of my Link Blog. He made me laugh with this one: Yes, the contents of the Scoble’s LinkBlog’s Links are more diverse than his Blog! Afterall, they are written by 483+ authors, rather than just one egoistical bastard who used the word I twice as much as the word you.”

Oh, and Yuvi, John Furrier is sitting next to me (PodTech’s CEO) and he sees you want a camera. Send him email and let’s work something out.

UPDATE: gotta run, but I see that Gizmodo snuck into the main hall and already got “first blood photos.”

One thing this CES is going to be known for is the Gizmodo vs. Engadget Breaking News War. I’m having lunch with both Gizmodo and Engadget’s top writers tomorrow (at the same time). THAT video should be interesting. I bet that between these two sites alone more than five million people will visit CES.

UPDATE 2: Just arrived in Vegas, onto Bellagio. Will use Twitter from now on to report location.