No more “computer” in Apple?

Om Malik has an interesting insight. No, not that the iPhone won’t be here until summer. The fact that Apple dropped “computer” from its name today.

It’s ironic. Apple gets more conversations started here on the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show than any other company. I’m here in the Seagate booth and EVERYONE is talking about Apple today.


AppleTV: Xbox without the “X?”

Phil Waligora, who works at Microsoft, is watching Steve Jobs’ keynote (I’m not, but am trying to check in here and there) and calls me out, wondering if I’ll say the just announced AppleTV is innovative.

Oh, Phil, haven’t you gotten the memo? Everything Apple does is innovative. Even if Microsoft’s stuff is better (and three years earlier). Sorry to break the news to you.
But, seriously, I’m not throwing away my Xbox 360. It does that and lets me play games and look at the photos stored on the box upstairs.

Now, I am gonna take a look at iPhone and seriously consider upgrading to that. Gizmodo and Engadget are going nuts with coverage.

Is Engadget right? Is the Apple TV only 720p HD? That really, really, really sucks. If that’s true this thing is dead on arrival. Apple, the entire industry is ahead of you if that’s true.

The iPhone looks really cool, though.

Walking through CES

How long does it take to just walk from one end of CES to the next without stopping, doing it as fast as you can? Turns out about 13 minutes. We take you along on ScobleShow.

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