My first videos from CES

Here’s the video of our lunch with Bill Gates:

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Here’s Seagate’s new hard drives, as announced in the BlogHaus. Some great stuff is that the new drives have ability to back themselves up online. Nice new form factors too.

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BlogHaus gets look at early toys

Hey, Tim Bourquin, the guy who runs Podcasting Expo, just walked in. Former CEO of Corbis is here. But, who cares about the cool people in the house? We care about the toys. And here Geek News Central gets the first news up. Andru Edwards, of GearLive, is sitting right next to it, so I’m sure video will come up soon about that.

I’m watching Google’s Blog Search to see who reports from the BlogHaus. This place is crowded and getting more crowded every minute.

UPDATE: Engadget has the usual great reporting from the keynote.

UPDATE 2: Paul Mooney has a good photo of just one part of the BlogHaus. The bandwidth ROCKS here.