Om Malik and iLike on ScobleShow

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Om Malik is one of my favorite bloggers and I’m very happy to have him on the ScobleShow today. In the interview you’ll learn how he earned the title “GigaOm” from his mom and he gives his view on what makes a good blog. “Respect people’s time,” is his top advice.

Also on the ScobleShow is a killer new music service, iLike. Meet iLike’s CEO, Ali Partovi, and get a demo of what makes iLike a great service.

Oh, and thanks to Theresa Valdez Klein who paid me a great compliment on the Blog Business Summit blog: “I’m not just kissing Scoble’s ass when I say this-the questions he asked Senator Edwards were better framed and delivered than any that I’ve heard a reporter ask a political figure in a long time. He cut right through the bullshit and got some straight answers out of a politician. I congratulate him for that.”

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Jeff’s right, Stickam rocks

“Stickam is…pretty incredible,” Jeff Pulver says (Jeff runs VideoOnTheNet, a conference coming up this spring that I’ll be speaking at).

I’ve played a few times over the past week with Stickam. It’s a site where you can turn on your Web cam and other people can watch you — along with others — while you do whatever you do in front of the computer. It’s incredible cause you can see multiple people at one time.

Right now mostly teenagers are using it, which creates all sorts of new ways for predators to try to angle their way into kids’ lives (funny enough, women on the site are already pretty adept at dealing with that — I saw one entry that said “I won’t show you my tits, don’t even ask.”)

So, something your kids might already be doing. Will it have a business impact? I think so. I’m meeting more and more companies that have people working out of their homes. This way you can feel like you’re working with other people and see visually when they are available to talk.

What do you think?