The hot thing at Web 2.0 Summit: Photosynth

When I arrived at the Palace Hotel at least 10 people walked up to me and asked “did you see the Photosynth demo?”

By the end of the day it was very clear that Photosynth was the killer app of the Web 2.0 Summit and you can download it now. More on the Photosynth blog.


Have you had your cute overload today?

Need to see something cute? Then I have a Website for you!

And, no, this is no Ajaxian. Cute Overload doesn’t have anything useful. Just cute pictures of dogs and cats and stuff like that. Oh, so cute!

But if you want to learn something, especially when it comes to Ajax stuff, Ajaxian is my choice.

Today they show off a continuous scrolling trick like what Google Reader uses.

If you watched my Microsoft Research video last night you’d know that eye track research shows that scrolling is good (the second demo we got there was with a guy who does EyeTrack research on how people use the Web). It’s why I argued to make PodTech’s pages scroll down so that surfers could scroll through the river and fish for interesting stuff. If you watch the MS Research video you’ll actually see how this works on an EyeTrack machine and we talk about why turned off its continuous scrolling capabilities (the engineers there couldn’t make it work smoothly on all browsers).