Buzzwire: audio and video for your cell phone

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Buzzwire is another company that’s trying to bring audio, video reports along with Internet radio stations to your cell phone. I liked their approach. Here Andrew MacFarlane, CEO, demonstrates the new service.

In a separate interview I learn more about Buzzwire’s plans and how they plan to make money at this.

They just turned on this service tonight.

UPDATE: Venture Wire has a good writeup for those of you who don’t want to watch video.


Business plan obfuscation: Twitter style

Charles Hudson says it: “why the ‘you don’t need a business plan’ meme is crazy talk.

Where did that come from? Well, there’s this little theory that was reported on a bunch of blogs that Twitter and other companies don’t have business plans.

That’s bulls**t.

But here’s why the story gets told: Twitter doesn’t want to talk about its business plan in public. If they told you what they are doing, how they are planning on making revenues and spending their money they’d be handing their competitors a MAJOR advantage.

Twitter is brilliant, though, because they told a believable story instead of just saying “we’re not showing you our business plan.” When I was there Friday interviewing Twitter’s execs I asked about the business plan. Biz Stone told me they were doing research. He told a great story! We’ll have that video up shortly so you can hear exactly how they are positioning the company.

I wish I was smart like those Twitter folks.

The thing is I’ve met a couple of VCs who were considering investing in Twitter. The word on the street is that Twitter HAS a business plan and has done a lot of thought about where future revenues will come from. THAT is why they got invested in.

They just aren’t going to show it to us. And they shouldn’t.

Oh, and if you REALLY think you can get funded without having a business plan you’re probably smoking something illegal. Can I come along and film you trying to pitch a VC if you think you can do that?

Traveling with

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Teresa Williamson, founder of Tango Diva had breakfast with Maryam and I and I thought it would be fun to show her so we did a little interview for my channel over there. At the TechCrunch party, Kyte’s CEO, Daniel was showing me a ton of new features on Kyte (you can now send audio from your cell phone) and I wanted to see what’s up. Looking good. Anyway, we spent 16 minutes talking about traveling and women traveling especially, since that’s her passion. She’ll be on the Today Show on August 11 talking about her site and her new book too. Fun times on a Sunday afternoon, hope you’re having fun.

UPDATE: Jeremiah Owyang has an interesting post on “micromedia” and if you visit my Facebook profile I answer him, and another question about how microblogging services are changing how we blog. My Kyte video also shows up on my Facebook profile page as well (as does my blog, and my Twitters, and everything else I do).

UPDATE2: now I can embed my channel here. That’s cool.