iPhone update rumors cause conversations…

It’s amazing how fast news passes through the blogosphere. I’ve gotten this emailed to me four times from four different parts of the world. It’s a rumor of whats coming in a future update for the Apple iPhone.

I tell ya, nothing gets people to talk like Apple does. Nothing.

Sounds interesting but most Apple rumors don’t turn out to be true. Just something to keep in mind. I’ve been burned before by rumors, even ones I heard from Apple employees.

UPDATE: if you’re looking for information on the latest updates, I’d look at Apple Rumors site. As of August 2, 2007, this is the newest information on the update.


Reading feeds

I’m going to play the arrogant bbbaaaahhhhssstttaaarrrddd and brag about how many feeds I’m reading and how many items I’m putting on my link blog.

Google Reader says: “From your 739 subscriptions over the last 30 days you read 28,433 items, and shared 979 items.”

Seriously I really appreciate the kind notes you all have been sending me about my link blog. I really love doing it and reading so much helps me keep up with the industry and know what companies are getting hot. Plus you tell me it saves you lots of time. It’s a lot easier to read 1,000 items a month than it is to read 28,000.

If you have a blog or news source you’d like to see me add to my link blog, let me know. UPDATE: I just uploaded my OPML file (a list of all the feeds I read) to share.opml.org. That site lets you see all my feeds and compare how many people are subscribed to each one. It’s even cooler if you upload your own list of feeds (er, OPML file) to that site.