Calacanis interviews famous angel investor Ron Conway

Very interesting interview done by Jason Calacanis of Ron Conway who has invested in many of the companies we take for granted now. Fascinating interview. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, it’s a must watch. Heck, if you’re interested in hearing one of the smartest investors in the business, this is a great listen.


Poke Scoble in the nose (or make your own game at

Want to build your own game with your own face on it? has the answer. Here’s a cute little game we created last week where you get to poke me in the nose. Ouch, knock that off. Hey!

You can see how this game was developed. I have an interview with Robert Norton, VP of business development at, and he also has a demo. In the interview he talks with me about the casual gaming market and how he sees things evolving.

Here’s an embedded version of the demo I filmed:

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